Camille Avestruz, PhD (co-convener, co-founder)

Dr. Avestruz will join the physics department at the University of Michigan as an LSA Collegiate Fellow in the Fall of 2019.  She is looking forward to maintaining her Chicagoland collaborations in addition to forging new collaborations across departments in her new position.
Position(s): University of Michigan as an LSA Collegiate Fellow
Interests:  Strong lensing, classification, regression
Affiliated research group/team:  DeepSkies@Chicagoland

Recent Publications: Automated Lensing Learner: Automated Strong Lensing Identification with a Computer Vision Technique , The strong gravitational lens finding challenge

Brian Nord, PhD (co-convener, co-founder)
Position(s): Associate Scientist, Machine Intelligence Group, Fermilab; Senior Member, Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics; Visiting Research Assistant Professor, Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics at University of Chicago
Interests:  Strong lensing, cosmological parameter estimation
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@jegpeekChicagoland

Joshua Peek, PhD (co-convener, co-founder)
Position(s): Associate Astronomer; Project Scientist, Data Science Mission Office, Space Telescope Science Institute
Interests: Interstellar Medium, Dust Reddening, ConvNets
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Baltimore

Team Members

João Caldeira
Position(s): Postdoc, Fermilab
Interests: physical applications of machine learning, quantum machine learning
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Chicagoland

Clecio R Bom, PhD
Position(s): Assistant Professor CEFET-RJ, Visiting Research Assistant Professor Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF)
Interests: Strong lensing, Observational Cosmology, Extragalactic Astrophysics
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Brazil

Kyle Story, PhDPosition(s): Computer Vision Engineer, Descartes LabsInterests: Using geospatial data and machine learning to solve global problems

Shubhendu Trivedi
Position(s): Institute Fellow, Computational and Experimental Mathematics, Brown University & Research Affiliate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Interests: Deep Learning, Symmetry adapted learning, Generalized group equivariant neural architectures, learning over graphs, structured prediction, low-shot visual recognition, applications of machine learning in the physical sciences.
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Chicagoland

Kuang Wei
Position(s): PhD Candidate at University of Chicago, Department of Physics
Interests: Star-galaxy separation
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Chicagoland

Kimmy Wu, PhD
Interests: Cosmology, CMB, cosmological parameter estimation
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Chicagoland