Camille Avestruz, PhD (co-convener, co-founder)
Position(s): University of Michigan as an LSA Collegiate Fellow
Interests:  Strong lensing, classification, regression
Affiliated research group/team:  DeepSkies@Chicagoland

Brian Nord, PhD (co-convener, co-founder)
Position(s): Associate Scientist, Machine Intelligence Group, Fermilab; Senior Member, Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics; Visiting Research Assistant Professor, Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics at University of Chicago
Interests:  Strong lensing, cosmological parameter estimation
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@jegpeekChicagoland

Joshua Peek, PhD (co-convener, co-founder)
Position(s): Associate Astronomer; Project Scientist, Data Science Mission Office, Space Telescope Science Institute
Interests: Interstellar Medium, Dust Reddening, ConvNets
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Baltimore

Team Members

Clecio R. Bom, PhD
Position(s): Assistant Professor CEFET-RJ, Visiting Research Assistant Professor Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF)
Interests: Strong lensing, Observational Cosmology, Extragalactic Astrophysics
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Brazil

Blakesley Burkhart
Position(s): ssociate research scientist at the Flatiron Center for Computational Astrophysics in New York City. 
Interests: star formation, fluid dynamics, mhd turbulence.

João Caldeira
Position(s): Postdoc, Fermilab
Interests: physical applications of machine learning, quantum machine learning
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Chicagoland

Aleksandra Ćiprijanović PhD
Position(s): Assistant Research Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Interests: machine learning applications in astrophysics, high-energy and astroparticle physics, galaxy clusters, nucleosynthesis
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Chicagoland

Greg Snyder, PhD
Position(s): Archive Scientist at Space Telescope Science Institute.
Interests: Galaxy Formation, Cosmology, and Simulations.
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Baltimore

Kyle Story, PhD Position(s): Computer Vision Engineer, Descartes Labs Interests: Using geospatial data and machine learning to solve global problems.

Shubhendu Trivedi
Position(s): Institute Fellow, Computational and Experimental Mathematics, Brown University & Research Affiliate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Interests: Deep Learning, Symmetry adapted learning, and more
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Chicagoland

Kuang Wei
Position(s): PhD Candidate at University of Chicago, Department of Physics
Interests: Star-galaxy separation
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Chicagoland

Kimmy Wu, PhD
Interests: Cosmology, CMB, cosmological parameter estimation
Affiliated research group/team: DeepSkies@Chicagoland